We found The Paddock in 1999. The subdivision of a larger farm had resulted in this 5 bare acres which was was growing meadow grasses, waist-high dock and thistle. Many months were spent clearing, slashing and leveling until it became mow-able. A man with a tractor is surely a great asset!

The gardening started with a few holes in the ground for veges and trees. Then in 2004 some definite vege beds were laid out and more trees planted. It has been loved/ignored off and on for a few years since then as my time and energy dictate.

There have been several changes through the years. Some of the trees planted were lost to wet soil, the cattle dam has become a natural pond which is a draw to birdlife, frogs etc. A blokes shed was built and a few years later a house followed. Being semi-rural is one of the nicest things about living at the paddock although the night-lights are beginning to get brighter and closer, understandably so too.

The paddock is great place to be.