Flutters is where anything with more than two legs and wings is posted. Lucky so far, there are only pretty photos :)

Late summer 2011 was a brilliant time here for monarch butterflys. They laid eggs so fast I had to buy swan plants every two days just to keep up. I was literally carrying handfuls of caterpillars from bush to bush every day. I had even netted a few plants just to keep the silly things off so they couldnt lay eggs on them! I still ran out of food. By the time they had all hatched the garden had about 30 leafless stalks poking out of the ground. I bought some crysalis inside after they had been battered by a storm and let them hatch. Much fun to watch as they emerge as scrunched up bugs and swell to beautiful butterflies all in the space of a couple of hours. Nature rocks!

Bees are best!

Ladybirds are great aphid eaters.

Not exactly flutters but these next pics are made by multi-legged critters and are so clever that I had to put them somewhere.