Seasons at the paddock are a fairly standard affair year round not like some parts of the country where there are real changes. I particularly like the Otago region during Winter but no doubt it would be very different gardening there year round and having to deal with extremes.

Our summers are either so hot you don't want to go outside (dry heat raising up from the mainly pasture paddock can make the air feel even hotter) or so wet, windy and humid that you can't do anything when you get there....
Autumn is usually quite calm and the colourful deciduous leaves tend to stay on the trees well into Winter. This is a lovely time of year temperature-wise, although we can get a few sudden sharp frosts.
Winter brings us heavy, sodden earth. To say the drainage is not good is a bit of an understatement. I have had water sitting over the tops of my gummies just walking out to see the hens which quite quickly changes to six inches of mud, yuk!
Spring brings wicked winds for about 6 weeks. This is the time of year we have lost big trees, not nice and every one gets the grumps ;) Gorgeous sunrise's though and the promise of new growth which begins in a flash!