There are plenty of animals here at the paddock. Most of them are wild and are welcomed although some not so much, ie pukekos being a nasty bird. There are also the domesticated ones who kind of all get along and keep us amused. I could not imagine the paddock without them.

Mallards are the duck of choice here at the paddock, their choosing not ours. They are stinky, pooey, noisy and sometimes just plain grotty. But, they are so much fun when they are being cute and are very easily bought with just a couple of bread crusts.
Cats, what can you say, words like useless, lazy, fat, snoozey and hopeless come to mind. Then there are the others cute, fluffy, cuddly, clever, adoring. Cats are cool.
Hens make a worthy contribution to the paddock with their grubbing and fertilizing. Of course you can not go past those perfect little pre-packaged foods they produce either. Yum!
Wild Birds
Look skyward at your peril! There is always something gliding overhead and most of it makes its way to the pond. On occassion the willows get quite noisy.
The Chog
Sometimes it does not pay to get soppy over wildlife. Tell that to the gardener who found a very manky ball of spikes on a path to meet its maker and intervened. Months later....
The small things which add to the paddock story are some of the prettiest and most productive.
We have a few bunnies on the paddock, they are well behaved and don't pinch the veges and so far have not bred to crazy proportions.