The Paddocks First Year
Some pics of paddock life at the very beginning - 1999. They are pretty lousy pics tho, as they have been grabbed from the old video cam. Technology has come a long way since then, thank goodness!
The Paddock
The paddock is a nice place to live. It slowly changes as the years go by. Misty mornings are common and have a special quiet, trees grow bigger, grass grows and sometimes it's just nice to sit out in the dandelions, watch out for thistles tho!
There is something extra special about the rose. They are one of my first and favourite flowers. I even love the foliage and thorns, especially the rugosa's and old varieties, which are such an object of beauty that it is difficult to describe them, so I won't.
It's a shame you can't taste a photo! The garden grows the most flavourful vegetables and I love being able to carry dinner straight to the pot...
Bee candy! Mother nature had it right. Everything that tastes good should look good and we should all do our bit to keep the best workers in the best food! What would the world be like without pretty...
The sunsets here can be quite breath-taking, not that I appear to have photographed many of them.
Fabulous sunrises are heralded by the distant crow of the neighbouring roosters. What a way to start the day!
A few skyward photos of our spot in the world at various times, usually when daydreamng...
The Willows
One of my favourite areas on the paddock is the pond. Below the pond grow the willows. I love to photograph them through the seasons because they change so much....
Odds and Ends
A few random weather related photos that I didn't know where else to put...