Overview ~
One of the reasons we have hens is that I like eggs. The price for a dozen organic free-range eggs used to be crazy although as they are becoming more mainstream it is improving. I can not remember when I last bought an egg produced by a hen subjected to the inhumane conditions of a tiny cage for the sake of a couple of dollars. I can think of nothing worse for any kind of animal than a lack of freedom or an existence lived alien to its kind and those 'farms' really are top of the list when it comes to our arrogance.

How anyone can enjoy eggs after seeing revealing written articles and painful photographic evidence is way beyond my comprehension.

Another reason for keeping hens is simply they are uber cute and at times totally nuts (endearing qualities on their own), lots of laughs and are a great addition to the garden. They use those big feet at the end of each crop season to weed in the potager for me, adding their poopy fertiliser as they go. Hens Rock!

Below are the hens journals with the latest goings on in the hen pen.

Hens Journal 2016
The hens have a new pen with lots of room roam and scritch.
Hens Journal 2015
The hens live for Summer. The orchard is alive with bugs, food and new plans ...
Hens Journal 2013
Hens are cute. 2013 bought some unwanted guests ...
Hens Journal 2012
The goings on in the hen pen, some cutesie photos and a couple of additions make up 2012.
Hens Journal 2010
Hens are great helpers and add a little bit of fluff to the garden!