Maple Garden 2005

Happenings January
Early Jan - The fabulous summer? Hmm, rain, has been great for the newly planted perennials.Everything is growing fabulously, I just hope I haven't planted things too close together. There are now Canna's (large cream flowered) in small groups to give a bit of height as the butias and thujias arent the fastest growers. The latest addition is a Hydrangea paniculata, my favourite. In front of that is the yellow trumpet flower Phygelius, which is a very pretty plant and a welcome splash of colour. Everything else to flower so far has been some shade of blue, bit boring really.

Late Jan - Crikey! Where has January gone? I have finally gotten around to getting some much needed mulch, two truckloads have been put in the garden around the Lonicera hedge and around the permanent plantings. Lots of Nicotiana seedlings are happliy growing in a fat blotch beside the rose 'Bride' and behind them is one of two new (very little) bay trees. The garden is getting watered every second day, sort of, and I am surprised by the growth so far.

I have run a trench and pipe through the middle of the garden to drain the water from its higher side. A huge puddle had developed (think dam) and just sat there not draining away, at least I should have no problem when it comes to water features!

The Butia palms are looking good. I was a bit worried about the wind with them but apart from the first few leaves being slightly burned they have coped well, good bcause I love these palms and their blue/grey/green colouring, it is just a bit different.

Happenings March
Have just noticed that the extra seedlings that I planted to finished the Lonicera hedge are of the golden variety...ha! I had taken loads of cuttings and forgot that some of them were from different plants. They are a nice glowy gold colour and shine out loud enough to need to be moved! Fancy that! I am going to pop them over by the Plane trees. They should go nicely with the fresh green of the trees there.

The salvias are huge, I think they are too close together, but they look great! As soon as I get more horse poo I will spread it over the remaining area of this garden and be able to start planting the left-side of it. So far the main planting, except a canna, thujia, hebe and butia, is all on the right-hand side.The nicotiana seedlings that I planted early Jan are flowering wonderfuly! I was given some seeds from a nicotiana sylvestris while I was visiting a private garden just out of Christchurch last weekend. I had so much fun wandering around peeking here and there. I am so envious of the water race which runs through the garden and really wanted to hoist up my trouser legs and go for a paddle!

Happenings April
I really must remember to take notice of the spacing recommended on the label when planting. Everything has grown together and is looking rather cramped.

I found a small vireya plant which according to its label has watermelon coloured flowers with creamy throats, I planted this next to the boisterous bright blue salvia, the colours will look great together (I hope).The little rose (nearly dead when planted) is still blooming beautifully. Loads of compost has been spread over the garden in readiness for next Spring. Talk about optimism, there is lots to do before then.

Happenings May
The Maples are changing colour fast! They are a rather motley looking gold colour, I think they needed more water over the summer as there is also a mingling of scruffy brown amongst them. The salvia flowering is slowing down and will need to be trimmed back soon, they are taking on an unloved look. Everything else is still growing madly! I have planted a purple leaved Cotinus behind the red Lobelias and the foliage of both plants is fabulous! Pics to follow when there is enough sun to make them look pretty. The red of the Lobelias is bright and stands out really well, quite an eye-catcher. Hope they survive the Winter. I have planted a Luculia (sp) beside one of the maples which was a $1.99 bargin so I dont hold much hope for it. Come Spring and there should be a mass of daffidols poking out all over the garden, I went mad in a road-side stall thingy on the way to get the trees and bought bags of them! I have lost the hostas, they were there, and then they were gone! I have no idea where they are.

Happenings 2004
The lonicera hedging plants are growing really well. They are bushing out fast. I've been planting perennials and working on the soil. Perennials so far are: Salvias uliginosa, nemorosa amethyst, patens blue, Nepeta, Perovskia, Artemisia, Acanthus mollis, Alchemilla mollis, Stachys byzantina, Hosta, Delphinium and an assortment of euphorbia waiting to be planted. Some of the maples now have Hostas tucked beneath, hope the slugs don't find them! Agapanthus (blue) and a rose (Bride) given by one of our neighbours have also been added.