Maple Garden 2013

Happenings November
The maples are just starting to get their pink-tinged leaves and have winged seed pods ripening. The sycamore are in full leaf and also have winged seed pods. Beautiful trees.

There is huge growth with the acanthus and roses begining to flower. Lot of weeds and a few self-seeded trees including a couple of privet which are flowering and smell gorgeous. I know most people do not like them but I must admit to being in the other group.

Happenings July
The Maple Garden has been very neglected for the last few years. It has been allowed to ramble and seed unchecked. Grasses have smothered and buttercup has invaded. Slugs and snails have moved their extended families in and built cities.

Looks like a lot of work needs to be done and yet, even with this depressing prospect there is hope. Yesterday I went for a wander and tugged half-heartedly at some knee high grass and found pretty beneath! There were the shooting bulbs, lovingly planted years ago, about to flower. Daffs, jonquils and dutch iris along with pale anenomes with huge buds promising a flower were uncovered. I have to say, I am impressed by these mighty brave plants, such determination deserves to be rewarded.

My next job is to clear this garden of all weedy growth and spread a bit of compost love about. I am ashamed to take photos of it but will, if for no other reason than to remind myself of what lazy can accomplish! On a bright note, looking back the growth of the bay trees, acanthus and sage has been pretty awesome. I love the bark of the cherry and maples.