Oak Walk

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in ~ Unknown

Overview ~
Plane, Oak, Evergreen Oak, Red Oak, Pin Oak, Fagus trees make up this garden area. The under-planting at this stage consists mainly of daffodils for spring colour. I have attempted to pollard the Planes to give them that quirky, knotted looking top and to keep them at a level that will not block out the Oaks beyond. They have been getting pruned back to the knot (about 5 feet high) every second year and the growth over that time is huge! Originaly I had planted Cornus in here but they were well and truely drowned in their first year.

Happenings 2013
Not much has been planted here over the last few years. The trees have just been growing and have done quite well. They have had a bit of a trim here and there to get them off the ground although the planes have missed out all together. They now need major work to get them back on plan as their branches have spread rapidly to touch the ever-green oaks!

The Oaks have been growing masses of acorns which make for happy ducks who waddle over there daily for a forage.

August - Removed lower branches of the oak trees. Trees are covered in fresh new growth.

Happenings April 2005
Hmm, I think the Plane trees may need pruning every year to keep them manageable. I have moved the white Carpet Roses from above the pond and planted under the Plane trees. I hope they survive, I will be surprised if they do however, as they ended up being minus all root soil and the sun came out while they were in transit. The daffodil bulbs are the first ones to poke out their happy faces in Spring and they make this area look so pretty. have yet to remove the golden Lonicera from the Maple Garden (which was planted as the second stage in the hedge there and supposed to be green) and plant it around here. When I do I will mulch, bark and wait for Spring.

Planted yellow daisy bushes and more yellow daffodils. Added compost. Extremely dry! I think I need to extend the irrigation pipe so there will be a better chance of watering. The trees have been ok over the summer (they have sucked every drop of water!) but the roses and new plants will need extra moisture. Might just have to extend the garden a bit too, ha!

Yippee! The rose bushes have sprouted new growth! That means they survived the shift (or are giving their last gasps...eek!) The Golden Lonicera has yet to find its' way here, good things take time. Mulch covers the whole bed and it is ready for the winter, just the big prune to do around June, maybe a little more planning and a few new plantings.

Two Scarlet Oak trees have been planted amongst the existing oaks which form the backdrop for the garden. They will add a splotch of red in Autumn when the main colour is gold/yellow. Should look quite pretty.