Garden Journal 1999

Happenings February
Bought first trees for the Paddock, these included 2 willows and 1 pinoak. Earthworks are beginning around the pond to smooth it out and remove the pond diggings

February 13 - Went to a nursery in Coatesville and bought 30 Queen palms for the driveway which is being dug and having telephone lines laid. Thistles and dock rule the paddock.

February 14 - Bought Phoenix palm and acmenas.

February 20 - Planted the above by the neighbouring fenceline. This could be the perfect place for olive trees and lavender? Free-draining and very sunny.

February 21 - Planted the willows below the pond and the pinoak by south boundary. Planted white agapanthus and iris beneath the willows. We have ducks!!...or A duck...

February 25 - Paulie - The awesome Bloke is harrowing the paddock today, holes from cattle are everywhere and deep.

Happenings March
The Bloke planted Himilayan Elders along the northern boundary line while I planted canna (yellow) and arum lily left side of pond. 4 Barnsely olives and gunnera above pond.

March 16 - Trenching up driveway and power being laid. De-thistling!

March 18 - Irrigation laid for driveway and elders. De-thistling!

Happenings April
Very cold and rainy. Wind is blowing hard...not nice.

Planted weeping cherry beside pond and 2 Shirotae south boundary. Johnny built me a birdhouse for my birthday (40th) and has planted it on the right side of the pond.

Paulie has dug the circle in the driveway. Birth of the Duck Circle!

The pine trees have been felled! yay! Big job for the guys. A couple had fallen across the state h'way so they had to go. Lots of firewood. Paddock is very exposed to the wind and road...definitely needs a new shelter belt!

Happenings May
Limestone laid on driveway. Shed concrete laid. Shed being built, it is HUGE! The 'Blokes Shed'

We are clearing the felled trees from the hiway, lots of mess - huge job. Paulie - the awesome Bloke!

May 21 - Pegged out and sprayed grass for the vege garden..yippee!

May 28 - Bought Leylands for the h'way boundary.

Happenings June
Taken cuttings from French lavender and ivy. This will be future cutting stock. Built small raised bed for them.

Very wet here now, boots sink into big puddles...hmmm, this may be a problem, come back in spring :)

Happenings August
Plannted 2 more Liquidamber south boundary and 4 Verdale olives on south east rising bank. Planted specimen trees.

Happenings Sept - Oct
Not much happened, too wet and windy :(

Happenings November
Ducklings! We have ducklings!! :)