Garden Journal 2000

Happenings January
Weed, weed, weed! Planted white carpet rose above pond.

Rotary hoe vege beds. Build 6x squares and sited in potager garden, filled with compost from Hilltop. Planted lettuce, silverbeet and marigolds...very cute!

January 7 - Planted beetroot, chives, purple passionfruit and orange 'Washington'.

January 12 - Dug trenches and sowed carrots, onions and beans. Planted rhubarb, fed phoenix palm with B&B.

Happenings March
Mainly spent available time weeding and watering.

Happenings April
Dug out path in potager. Concreted posts for passionfruit. Planted cabbage, cauli and broccoli. Sprayed weeds and re-dug garden.

Happenings May
Went to big tree sale and bought:

Happenings May
Planted raspberry and blackberry. Bought a white escallonia for cuttings. First prune on apple trees.

May 27 - Made garden bed for planes, underplanted with daffidols.

May 28 - Lined paths in potager with weedmat and added bark. Sprayed weeds around birches. Planted King palm left side of pond.

Happenings June
Planted wisteria and cherry tree below pond. Planted aggies above and de-thistled around pond.

Paddock is so boggy, no mowing, no walking :( Mud everywhere! Time to hibernate for the winter!

Happenings October
We have more ducklings! We also have hawks :( Mother duck has 9 this early?...Must read up on ducks. The bloke thinks the hawk is getting the babies as they have been disappearing.

Haven't seen the paradise ducks back...hope we haven't scared them away. There are also a few pukekos here atm...wonder if they breed :) They chase the ducks...grr