Garden Journal 2002

Happenings October
Spring. Another very empty journal year though spent time planting veges and planning need to mention the spraying and de-thistling!

October 4 - Sprayed around pond..again!

October 8 - Sowed seeds for heirloom tomatoes

October 10 - Planted first strawberries, celery and peas. Started a compost bin.

October 11 - Planted herbs and pumpkin. B&B on boysonberries and lettuce, added mulch.

More heirloom seeds, tomatoes, borage and sweetcorn.

October 31 - Planted potatoes - Rua and Jersey Benne and 2nd lot of corn,cauli and cucumber.

Happenings November
Sow seeds of carrot, parsnip and spring onion. Made bed #3

November 26 - Weed, weed, weed! Hoed dirt up around potatoes...they are growing well. Tied up peas.

November 30 - Planted out Tommy toe tomatoes and baby beetroot

Happenings December
Planted carrot, celery, lettuce, peas and cabbage.

December 3 - Made permanent box around 'heeled in' Sally Holms rose in the potager :) Earthed up potatoes. Planted peppers.

December 4 - Planted butter beans and.... *surprise*... weeded.

December 5 - Pruned beech hedge (1st). Tied up and mulched raspberries.

December 28 - Harvested yummy peas :) Weeded! Tied and mulched tomatoes.

Dug holes for Girls Shed foundations :)

December 30 - 2nd sowing of carrots.

December 31 - Started paving potager.