Garden Journal 2006

Happenings January
January 22 - Spent the day weeding all over the paddock :)

January 23 - Watered every thing! Lugged 20 litre water containers to trees where the irrigation doesn't reach.. next year it might ;)

Happenings February
Planted new fejoa bushes. Weeded. Mowed edges.

February 6 - Worked on car ... sick. Got load of sawdust ready for cuttings etc. Watered.

February 12 - Started taking cuttings, lime (cordata) and philadelphis. Weeded.

February 19 - Watered, watered everywhere. Very dry this year, seems more so than normal. Weed Maple Garden, prunned some old stuff out.

February 20 - Went to the nursery and bought a bargin bin red oak which needed a home :) Took 60 cuttings of the old buxus shrub, divided a couple of overstuffed pots of mondo grass, got about 30 plants! Weeded, plucked, prunned and poked all around the paddock before mowing all the edges and around all trees.

Hmmm.... From this point there are very few journal entries, could have something to do with the house build?