Garden Journal 2015

Happenings January
During December we'd made the decision to remove one of the olives beside the pond. Sad because of all the ones we have here that particular gnarly one is my favourite. It has had a rough time since growing to a decent size. Many times blowning over during severe storms and has ended up lying on it's side with it's branches either in the pond or sprawled across the lawn. It has been staked up, tied down and re-planted but all to no avail. Seems when it grew right from the start it only ever sent out one decent anchor root which grew out to one side. The first time it was felled was by a gale. The anchor root was large and strong so the olive was staked, tied down and grew on. It blew over a few more times laying over in whichever direction the wind was blowing. It was top-trimmed and restaked to a fence strainer post which it lifted out of the ground like a matchstick on it's last up-ending. Sadly that one also fractured the root so nothing more could be done. I will use the branches and trunk in the hen pen for the girls to roost on.

Happenings April
The Leyland hedge has finally had its' day. It has (mostly) been pulled down. Very sad to see it go because it afforded great shelter and privacy. The trees first affected by canker were very brown and fairly dead. They would soon become a hazard.

Happenings July
Early July we had a fabulous frost. It hung around for a few days and made for some very brisk mornings. The birdbaths were a bit perplexing for those coming in for an early morning dip with an actual ice heave!