Overview ~
The Pond started its life as a cattle dam. It was a roughly dug out pit surrounded by huge mounds of pond muck, covered with waist high thistles and dock. Lots of hours were spent grubbing the weeds and spraying any newcomers.This is an on-going chore as each season sees the emergence of dormant seeds and the seeds of a few who got away from the previous culling efforts. Due to the lay of the land there is a top and a bottom to the Pond Garden. It rises about 1.5 meters on the top side. The plan for this area is, well there is no plan really, just plant some stuff.

One thing I love aboout the pond is the birdhouse which was made for me for a 'big' birthday. It is brilliant. It is now covered in lichen and has a family in both levels, along with a few cheeky ducks who settle on the roof sometimes.

Happenings 2013
This past summer had been the driest yet at the paddock, in fact an island-wide drought was declared. Everything suffered by the end of it with trees losing most of their leaves in self preservation mode. The subsoil dried to depths where roots do not reach. The pond was renamed 'the puddle' and ducks were walking in tummy deep mud. Pity help those who tried to land on the 1 inch of water, even a wheels-up one would end with a faceplant to be sure!

And then a couple of months later we have the pond back!

Happenings pre 2012

The first trees to go in here were the two willows planted at the lower side. They developed two trunks each, hmmm, a bit of over zealous weed-eating? Not to mention the rogue bloke on the tractor getting a wee bit close! Beneath the willows are a few plantings of agapanthus (white) and yellow hot pokers, love these. Further up on the right-hand side are three Birches. These are the white trunk variety so should suit the yellow and white theme which seems to be developing. Some Alocasia and wild iris were planted for that pondy look, much to the delight of the grateful pukekos!

The next trees to go in were four Olives (Barnsley), which are located at either side at the top of the pond. I'm not to sure if these weren't a rash planting as they are growing very fast and large. White carpet roses are also up here, the plan being to have them form an upper semi-circle. They are showing their true spirit in their struggle to rise above the errant thistles which just sort of get away.

There are no fish in the pond yet. We have a regularly visiting shag who spents 30 mins or so every few days diving in and catching any fat little tadpoles. I dont think the fish would stand a chance as there is no vegetation to shelter them apart from some oxygen weed. Which brings us to the attempt to rectify this situation - Place one nicely formed water lily in a basket filled with good pond mix, add a few pebbles to the top to stop the mix floating out (like they tell you in the books) and toss as far as you can to the middle of pond. Watch, as it sinks like a stone into the murky depths, never to be seen again. Darn!

Below the pond I have planted Wisteria. Lots of them! I love them. They are down here in an attempt to hide them from the nasty non-gardener bloke! He has a love/hate relationship with wisteria. He has been known to use an axe, a spade and a can of weed killer in quick succession at our last house in an attempt to dominate something, somewhere ... hahaha! He would have succeeded had he have seen the sneaky piece that grew 7 meters away from where he was standing!

Happenings January 2005
The sides and top of pond need to have the earth beaten or some form of retaining as it is starting to erode quite a bit. The carpet roses will have to come out and be planted elsewhere. I've removed one of the three hydrangea paniculata's from below the carpet roses and re-planted in the Maple Garden, the other two will be re-located also. A couple of yellow-cream cannas have been planted on the right side above the white agapanthus and clearing of weeds (shock) has started on the left side.