Potager Journal 2007

Photos of veges can be found in the 'Photos' section above.

Happenings January
Cleaned out potting shed. De-cobwebbed glasshouse. Must do a list for 'Kings'!

January 3 - Went to 'Kings'. Bought lots of perenials. Started to straw cover in front of potting shed, far too hot! D & W stayed last night and tonight.

January 4 - Laid more newspaper and straw in front of potting shed. Attached four geranium filled pots to the posts of pergola. Newspaper and straw around strawberries and compost area.

Read in Koanga book about garlic. The little bulbils found at the base of elephant garlic should be planted out. They grow into a 'mother' bulb and are then planted out the following season to form a proper garlic bulb, ie, bi-annual?

Lifted all the remaining garlic, watered garden. Must sort out the rotation! Sunny weather, very little wind today so very hot. Cats played (slept) in the garden all day.

January 5 - Another very hot day! Did some more weeding, planted lemon verbena, lemon bergamont and a parsley plant in the herb area. Watered potager,

January 6 - Watered potted plants and plants waiting to go in the garden, lots of those bought from the trip to 'Kings'. Spent some time working out a crop rotation plan on the computor. Also have done a vege layout and a vege planting plan. No reason now to have nothing to plant when it should be planted!

January 7 - 8am and already hot. Very windy. Sowed seeds of broccoli, cabbage and delphiniums in glasshouse. Dug over part of garden and composted ready for carrots and parsnips in a couple of weeks. Need to make seed cloches our of fine mesh, cats bad. Planted dill plant in herb bed and popped some nasturtium seeds in geranium pots.

January 8 - Planted peach tree. Potted up 30 box cuttings into larger pots. All have grown good roots, need about another 30. Cabbage seeds have sprouted :) Tidied potager ready for the big wind due here tonight.

Happenings March
Sowed seeds of peas and leeks. Cleared out bits of plant debris from beds, ready for Autumn. Started walking with neighbour. Planted brassica seedlings.

Hmmm, have come to a section in this journal I am transcribing which is missing a few bits. I have far too many journals in different places and they get used at the same time! The section missing here may be in the garden journals? Next section is as follows:
Happenings April
Forgot about this book!! Looking back in other journal!

April 3 - Cleared beds of sunflowers, pumpkin and melons, ready for next crop. Planted pea seedlings grown back in March, 2 varieties - greenfeast and early. Picked loads of pumpkin! Beautiful Autumn weather. Had huge rains 2 weeks ago which has softened the soil just enough to dig over.

Dug up potatoes. Sow broad beans.

Things to do: Clear beds in B for carrot seeds, make mesh covers for cloches, compost around brassicas.

Good Friday!

Pottered in garden, weeded and collected seeds. Made hot cross buns, ate hot cross buns.

April 7 - Work, mum, Easter eggs :)

April 16 - Spent the day clearing, weeding etc in potager. Planted bulbs in containers. Planted mondo grass divisions and weeded box cuttings in pots.

Happenings July
July 12 - Spent the day working in potager. Sow flower seeds for Spring:

Sow vegetable seeds for Spring:

Planted out leeks and the garlic 'seeds' from last years plants. These are the little bulblets which grew from the base of the garlic corms, will be interesting to see if they grow into anything.

July 10 - In the potager after the big storm, nasty. Poppies, beans, peas, herbs and even weeds have been burned black by the wind, not sure if any will re-grow. Very depressing. Amazingly the glasshouse has survived! So am dealing to the weeds with the weedeater! Ha!

Spent the afternoon in the glasshouse sowing the seeds above. Baby caught a finch. Bad cat! Hoping for a fine day tomorrow, need to do some weed spraying.

July 14 - Taken 90 box cuttings for around the house, hope they take at this time of year. Must remember to keep them humid. Dug and weeded bed for onions. Huge huge sunfower seed head on a garden post for the finches. They found it in about 10 minutes :)

Bees and bumblebees feeding on broccoli which has gone to seed and has loads of gorgeous yellow flowers, lol, now I will not pull the old plants out! I think this is a good thing for the potager and let it happen every year, the bees need the food but it does put the next plantings back. Oh well, some things cant be helped ;) There are also calendulas, white carpet rose and lilies flower for nectar. Mental note... plant more flowers for winter.

July 18 - Re-built beds, the old ones were made of untreated pine planks and are rotting. I have some new macrocarpa ones so they should last a bit longer. Have built an extra 2 beds and have planted garlic and onions in there.

Very muddy in the paddock, I really need to lay a path from the house to the potager. Weeded box seedlings (last years).

July 19 - Spread straw between new beds, need more. Weeded bed 2 ready to put the new macrocarpa in. Weed herbs. Have decided to build a new herb garden beside the kitchen next summer. The herbs were planted here as a 'temp' spot. I have some treated planks that I could use for the herb garden but dont really want to. Might go buy some more macra :) Must check the sunlight levels tomorrow where I am planning on making the new garden, they need lots of light.