Potager Journal 2009

Photos of veges can be found in the 'Photos' section above.

Happenings June
Scrub out glasshouse. Build new compost area. Prune grapevine and re-tie over potting shed pergola.

Happenings July
Weed Plot A (2), add compost. Bought onion and leek seedlings. Sow peas and cauliflower. Plant garlic (50)

Add compost to leek bed and plant leeks

July 26 - Sow more peas (greenfeast) in glasshouse. Sprout potatoes, Rua & Desiree. Weeded potato bed. Added compost to onion bed.

July 29 - Garlic starting to sprout. Leek seedlings strengthening. Potatoes starting to sprout in trays. Watered seedlings in GH

Happenings August
Sow seeds in glasshouse

August 8 - Sow seeds in glasshouse Peas, cauli, broccoli from last sowing germinated. Garlic sprouting is sporadic.

August 23 - Pot seedlings of sunflowers and pumpkin up to next size from seedling trays. Start weeding veg beds for peas. Plant out seedlings of onions. Weed around garlic. Weed glasshouse floor.

Found garlic from last year growing in the other bed (peas). This did not grow last year, so I will leave it and see what it does this year.

Only a few of the garlic planted this year has so far sprouted. Leeks planted are strengthening up.

August 30 - Sow more flower seeds in glasshouse. Pot up some of the first seedings to larger pots. Water.

Happenings September
Have been given about 20 Tommy Toe, 3 Black Krim and 1 yellow cherry tomatoes. Keeping them in the glasshouse for a while as there are still frosts around in the mornings.

Reworked the compost bins.

Turning over the potato bed, still chitting. Watering in the glasshouse.

Mowing grass. Weeding the herb garden.

September 9 - Very hot already. Weeding the pea bed, will add compost and plant today. Have planted some more garlic cloves in pots as not all have come up in the bed. Weeded all around the vege garden. Planted pea plants and sowed more directly in ground. Potted up more garlic and a bought tuber of Astible 'Bridal' and Thalicium?

September 20 - Planted out tomatoes and sprayed them with copper, added compost to bed.

September 28 - Sow Bean seeds, Blue Lake runner, Scarlet runner. Planted Beans seedlings, Super Aquadulce - broadbean, Roquefort - dwarf, organic.

Plant Pumpkin - Whangapararoa, Sunflowers, Celery - Tall Utah, organic.

Happenings October
Weeded. Watered glasshouse.

October 19 - Weeded around glasshouse. Weed pots. Dug over bed for corn and curcubits. Planted Sweetcorn, courgettes and squash. Dug more space for pumpkins and planted another 5. Planted 4 more sprouted garlic.