aka Stinky
aka Brat Cat
Look deep into my eyes.... feeeeeed meeeeee.....

There is so much to say about Stinky and most of it deserved cos she rocks! She is smart, sassy, cool, talkative, nosey, fat and gorgeous! She loves Baby to bits and often uses her as a toy. In this way she can flick her around the ears and get away with cos 'its just luuvv you know'.

I'm not just sitting here lookin' pretty, either turn the tap on and give me my bubble bath or ...

go away and let me sleep.

Stinkys favourite love, next to food of course, is her mouse. She would feed it (put it in her bicky dish) hug it, lie on it, flick it up in the air so she could catch it, rub her face all over it and occasionally peep inside it. It has been stitched up more times than I can remember and has been around for about 3 years so far.

However it is showing a few signs of Stinky love ... ouch!

During October 2013 Splat is diagnosed with diabetes. Twice daily injections of insulin are the norm now but we are working on a fresh meat diet supplimented with special diabetic bickies for her. I have read cats have a chance of remission following this type of high protein diet. Heres hoping!