Our summers are either so hot you don't want to go outside (dry heat raising up from the mainly pasture paddock can make the air feel even hotter) or so wet, windy and humid that you can't do anything when you get there.... However, we normaly get enough rainfall most times of the year to keep the tanks topped up so we can water the garden and we can grow plants that struggle further south, so we get it pretty good :)

Summer in the garden. Hot calmness, hot wind and free hot water from the roof! I'm surprised some years that anything grows at all and even more surprised that anyone would want to garden in it!

A first for me is growing dahlias. I have planted 7 different ones, one of which I think must have rotted away. I did attach the packet names over the stakes which the dahlias are tied to, however the snails ate them. So much for that bright idea!