Winter is a wonderful time in the garden! There is so much beauty to see, like the skeletal leaves beneath deciduous trees and shrubs, fog-catching spiderwebs strung between seemingly dead sicks and delicate crystals in the icy frost. Everything slows down and just takes a breath.

For some it's a good time to reflect on the development of plans and designs implemented throughout the year, to evaluate the overall look, often without the distracting fluffiness of summer foliage.

For others (hands up) it's likely to be a time of daydreaming about how it could look if only you did all those things you told yourself last year you would do this year. Eitherway, it's a good time to toss everything in the potting shed and put your feet up on a comfy couch, with a good gardening book and be thankful for those days when it's too yuccky to go out and pull weeds.