Maple Garden

Overview ~
The Maple Garden started 2004. It is curved and takes in four maple trees, hence the name. Planting consists of a couple of Thuija, two Butia palms and some Hebe. I would like this to be planted with perennials and have started with Acanthus, Nepeta and Stachys. Scattered around are dutch iris in yellow and blue. They were fabulous in spring, really brightening up the bare garden.

The soil is mainly heavy loam/clay that was dug when the driveway was created, so it needs a lot of compost and horse poos added to it.The backdrop for the garden is a hedge of Lonicera. Hopefully this will grow to about three feet. Behind that I plan to carry on the Liquidambers for wind protection as it is quite exposed.

Maple Garden 2013
The Maple Garden trees are maturing. They are taking tree form instead of blob shape and I love them! Other plantings have invaded any spare neighbouring areas. Of course, there are some weedy interlopers!
Maple Garden 2007
2007 has been a great year in the garden. All the perennial plants look great and the trees are getting their roots out there.
Maple Garden 2005
The garden in it's infancy. All new and with baby plantings trying to survive against the scorching sun, savage winds and thoroughly inconsistent watering can.