Of Vegetables and Roses

Overview ~
The first holes dug here were to plant vegetables in for us to eat and a few pretty flower plants for the bumble bees to enjoy. This is where my roses, flowers and cuttings start and some have stayed. It has a central path running its' length from the entrance, down to the potting shed and little glasshouse at the end. It has been (and continues to be) a bit of a mess and sometimes all mess.

The idea behind growing our own vegetables was to be able to eat fresh food, grown in tune with the seasons and with no chemical additives. Great in theory but in practice (lack of gardener vigilance) allows for an endless cycle of weeds to grow, die, and chuck their darn offspring to the four corners of the garden! One years seeds, seven years weeds, should have remembered that when I started.

Fast growth. Now, you would think that is a good kind of problem to have but, when you're working 9 to 5 and live off site things just run-a-mok. Before you know it it's a jungle out there and none of it edible! But, one day, there will be more weeds in the compost bin than the beds!

Potager Journal 2016
The more you eat from your own garden, the more you realise how vegetables are supposed to taste... the more you want to eat... it's a great thing!
Potager Journal 2015
The main focus for 2015 will be to improve the soil in the potager preferably without bringing in any pre-made composts. Seaweed teas, rotting spent vegetation and chicken poo shavings should help. Sounds delightful!
Potager Journal 2013
This year the potager has been revamped. I am finding that it works better with just the 4 main beds. I can decide on the internal arrangement as I go and like the flexability of shape.
Potager Journal 2009
Seed sowing is such a money saver and I think the gardener is getting better at remembering to sow them before she needs them...
Potager Journal 2007
There is lots of activity in the potager. I am having success with cuttings and the seed sowing is proving very productive...
Potager Journal 2006
This year is starting out (again) in the vegetables. Trenches have been dug at the lowest end of the garden to help ease the Winter mud problem....
Potager Journal 2005
The potager has been very successful this year, probably due to the gardener actually being present. The garlic (first attempt) has just been lifted and should keep the household going for about 2 years! It's amazing how much garlic 5 corms will produce...
Potager Journal 2004
Most of the entries involving the potager in the early years are mixed up with the Garden Journal pages. The gardener may get around to separating them ... one day.