The Garden Journal

In the Beginning ~

A lot of scribbling, writing and planning was done in flowery notebooks early on in life at the paddock. I have put some of those ramblings in these pages, to remind myself what was done when and how come it never went to plan!

Below are the first recorded entries of happenings at the paddock written in my flowery Journals. They are short and sweet and were written purely as a prompt to serve my future memories. There appears to be a rather large gap in the writings between 2007 and 2013 in the Garden journals. I think the gardener went on strike, didn't take notes and possibly even lost a bit of interest as the tribulations of daily working life took over. A firm approach is necessary to get the garden back from the abyss!

Journal 2015
We seem to have so much wildlife here now. Birds, bees, butterflies, skinks, frogs, invertibrates of all shapes and rodents of all varieties make up life on the paddock.
Journal 2013
A long time has been spent away from the paddock journal pages. 2013 sees a re-vamp of the site and with it a return to hopefully more reliable note taking...
Journal 2007
Lots more mowing, weeding and planting. When comes the part where you get to sit beneath the trees with a long, cool drink?
Journal 2006
More building in the garden and a big build planned for this year! Very excited ....
Journal 2005
A busy year in the paddock with planting, weeding and even additions to the potting shed.
Journal 2004
Getting back into it! I am getting to know the paddock and its quirks, what grow best where, and it is fairly obvious that there is a water drainage problem. Oh well, mud can be fun too :)
Journal 2003
Hmmm, a gap year?
Journal 2002
This year seemed only to start in Spring with the potager. Obviously the gardener was far to busy with .... stuff.
Journal 2001
As if mowing was bad... there are a billion thistle plants surrounding us, all of whom have the urge to reproduce as madly as they can!
Journal 2000
So much grass! Mowing takes a lot of paddock time and seems to last only a few days before it needs to be done again.
Journal 1999
It all began with a random drive-by of a long ago admired grassy paddock. A For Sale sign! Stop the car, over the fence and just smell that hay!